Senior Portraits capture that very special time in every young person’s life as they start out on their own life adventure. Don’t trust these precious memories to just anyone! In many cases this may be one of the last professional portraits you will take for years to come. Gary is the only PPA-certified Master Photographer in Northern New York. We have a session to fit everyone with 3 base-types of sittings; add-ons available for the two larger sessions; and options for outdoor/on-location sessions as well! Portrait packages are sold separately from the session and have a wide range of sizes and specialty items. Specials and information can always be found on our Facebook Page

Pet Sessions will provide you with a timeless, quality portrait of your beloved companion. Sessions are based on one pet, but additional pets can be added at an additional cost. Click on an image to view it in its entirety.

Family Sessions are personal portrait sessions which include everything from single person portraits to military dress portraits, and immediate families (mom, dad, and kids) to extended families (3 or more generations, in-laws, etc.). Pets and/or breakdowns can be added to a family session at an additional cost.

Maternity Sessions will capture that special time just before you welcome your little one. We generally suggest the session be held somewhere around 36-38 weeks, but as long as you have an evident belly we can work with it! We always want these sessions to be personalized for you so we suggest bringing a prop or two that is special to you for some of the images. We do have cloth here that can be used as wraps to help you show off a bare belly, and we can work with more traditional clothing as well. Madonna Sessions capture that very special bond between mom and baby. These should be done before the baby is a year old. The cloth we have on hand can be used as wraps for these sessions as well. 

Newborn Sessions are ideally held before the baby is 4 days old, but can be done until approximately 14 days old. Sleeping is the key for these sessions so the baby’s schedule is of utmost importance when scheduling a newborn session. This is another session we want to be personalized for you, so we suggest bringing a prop or two that is special to you for some of the images. You will want the baby naked for most of this session.


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